Announcing Our Open-Source Initiative

We love the open-source community and we want to give back. We're open-sourcing internal projects and offering open-source sponsorships.

I just want to start off by saying that we here at Pagoda Box love the open-source community. So much of what we have done and continue to do incorporates the hard work of others and we’re incredibly grateful for it. As we’ve tried to make the process of deploying and maintaining apps as simple as possible, we’ve found the behind-the-scenes technologies necessary to do it have been and are complex, bleeding-edge, and in some cases non-existent. To meet our needs, we’ve pulled from existing open-source projects and have developed many projects/technologies internally.

We’re Open-Sourcing Internal Projects

Over the next few months, we’ll be open-sourcing projects that, up until now, have been internal to Pagoda Box. This includes the technologies we developed to build the virtual datacenter that powers the ground-up rebuild of Pagoda Box. We will be opening all of the virtualization technology and the components used to virtualize apps hosted on Pagoda Box, including OS and management substrate. We think there’s a lot of potential for these and are excited to see them in use and to see what the community will add to them.

A very exciting project you’ll want to follow is Nanobox, our development PaaS that runs directly on your workstation. Nanobox will allow you to emulate the Pagoda Box environment on your local machine as well as build custom runtimes that can be deployed on Pagoda Box. Information is currently available on and more will be coming soon.

For a peek into this and other projects we’ve been working on, check out our Github project page.

Sponsorships for Open-Source Projects on Pagoda Box

The open-source community has played such a large role in making Pagoda Box what it is today and now we want to give back. While we’ve already sponsored a handful of open-source projects, we want to formalize this policy and offer sponsorships to open-source projects.

If you have an open-source project running on Pagoda Box, or have one that you’re interested in running on Pagoda Box, let us know by submitting a ticket. Tell us a little about your project and some of your goals.

Again, we love the open-source community and want to give back. Happy coding.

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