New Integrated Ticketing System

We've rolled out our new support ticketing system which moves ticket management into your dashboard and introduces other helpful features.

Today we’re excited to roll out our new integrated ticketing system with tighter integration between user information and support, centralized ticket management, increased security for sensitive user information, and new functionality that makes ticket management easier.

We have a new ticketing system and it’s awesome.

Tickets Now Managed in Your Dashboard

Previously, all tickets were created and managed through email threads. Now tickets are submitted directly into our ticketing system. There’s no delay in the ticket creation process and once a ticket is created, available support agents are notified.

Centralized Ticket List & History

In your dashboard, under Support > Support Tickets, you’ll find the list of all tickets associated with your user account. Tickets can be opened, viewed, updated, and/or reopened. You no longer have to search through your email history to find a response to a ticket. All your ticket threads are housed in a single place behind SSL encryption, securing potentially sensitive information.

App Tickets Shared with Team Members

When submitting a ticket related to a specific app, all team members associated with the app are subscribed to the ticket. They will receive updates and have the ability to respond to the ticket.

Github Flavored Markdown

When submitting tickets, you now have the option to use Github Flavored Markdown (GFM). GFM makes formatting incredibly easy, but won’t get in the way if you don’t need any special formatting.

A major benefit of GFM is the ability for both support agents and users to submit syntax-highlighted code blocks. In the previous email-based ticketing system, special characters and indentation were often stripped out, making it hard to make heads or tails of code provided in ticket threads. GFM syntax highlighting preserves special characters and formatting and makes code easy to read.

Tickets Are No Longer Created by Email

Please know that tickets can no longer be created via email. All new tickets must be created through your dashboard.

Laying the Groundwork for Expanded Support Offerings

On top of streamlining our internal support workflow, the new ticketing system lays the groundwork for providing other support options in the future. More information will be provided as those options become available.

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