The Pagoda CLI

The Pagoda command-line client is a tool designed to improve your workflow on Pagoda Box. It provides app creation, remote service connections, log management, and more – all from the command line. The Terminal Ranger’s creed: Why use mice when keyboards suffice?

OSX (10.6+)

Windows (XP, Vista, 7+)


Important: If you have the v1 CLI installed, you'll have to either unistall it entirely or change the name of the v1 executable file.

OSX and Linux Mac OSX (10.6+)

Place the file in your PATH (ex. ~/bin) and run
chmod 755 pagoda

Windows (XP, Vista, 7+)

Place the file in your PATH (ex. C:/Windows).

We highly recommend you download and install git-bash; it provides the git commands necessary to use Pagoda Box, SSH which is needed for some CLI commands, and a great terminal emulator.