Getting Started

  • Understanding the Environment

    Pagoda Box is not your traditional hosting platform. This doc explains how we’re different and what those differences mean.

  • The Boxfile

    The Boxfile is at the heart of configuring your app for Pagoda Box. This doc walks through the many available options.

  • Launching an App

    Launching an app on Pagoda Box is incredibly simple. This doc will walk you through the different methods and provide some helpful tips.

  • Moving Your App to Pagoda Box

    So you have an application you're looking to move to Pagoda Box. This doc will help that transition goes as smoothly as possible.

  • How & When to Scale

    Pagoda Box is built for granular scalability. This doc outlines possible scaling strategies and what benefits they offer.

  • Setting Up Git

    Pagoda Box utilizes the power of Git for code versioning and deployment. This doc walks through setting Git up for the first time.