Credit Card Management

Last Updated June 2015

Credit cards associated with your user account are managed in your dashboard. This doc walks through managing credit cards on Pagoda Box. After reading it, you should be familiar with:

  • Adding credit cards
  • Updating credit cards
  • Removing credit cards

Adding a Credit Card

Credit cards are added to your account in your Account Admin. Click on on your user image in the upper right corner of your dashboard and select "Account Admin", then go to "Credit Cards" in the left nav. Click "Add a Credit Card" to start the process of adding a new card.

Add a New Card

Provide the required information and click "Save Changes".

Updating Credit Cards

Credit card information is updated in your dashboard under Account Admin > Credit Cards. Click "Edit/Replace" next to the card you'd like to update. Update any necessary information and click "Save Changes".

Edit a Credit Card

Edit vs Replace

When updating a card, you can update only certain pieces of information or you can replace all of the existing information with new card information. Replacing the existing card information with new card information will leave all app and invoice relationships intact, so you won't have to reassign apps or finalized/pending invoices to a new card.

Erred Cards Should be Replaced with New Card Information

If you have an erred credit card, instead of adding a new card and moving apps over, just replace the existing card information with your new card information. Doing this will allow the finalized/pending invoice to use the new card information.

Assigning Apps to a Credit Card

Apps can be assigned to any card added to your user account (you cannot assign an app to another user's card). This can be done in two locations: under the Billing tab of your app dashboard and in your Account Admin.

Billing Tab in Your App Dashboard

In your app dashboard, go to Billing > Payment Info. In the credit card dropdown, select the card to which you'd like to assign the app.

Assigning an App to a Card in the App Dashboard

In Your Account Admin

Under Account Admin > Credit Cards, all credit cards added to your account are listed with their assigned apps. To assign an app to a card, click "Add App" under the card to which you'd like to assign an app, then select the app you'd like to assign to the card.

Assigning an App to a Card in Account Admin

Moving an App to a New Card

When moving an app to a new card, you have the option to transfer pending charges. These charges are only those that have accrued since the beginning of the current billing cycle. They do not include charges from invoices that have already been finalized, meaning their billing period has ended and they are awaiting payment. In order to transfer finalized invoices to a new card, you'll need to submit a ticket.

Setting a Default Credit Card

If you've added a credit card to your account, you have a default card to which all new production apps you create are assigned. If you have multiple cards, you can set the default card by going to Account Admin > Credits Cards and selecting the "Default" radio button next to the card which you'd like to be the default.

Settign a Default Card

Removing a Credit Card

To remove a credit card from your account, go to Account Admin > Credit Cards. Make sure that all apps associated with the card are deleted or transferred to another card. Once that's done, click the "X" next to the card you'd like to remove.

Removing a Credit Card

Deleted credit cards are kept on file for 60 days in case of pending charges (charges accrued in the current billing period before the apps were deleted or transferred) or billing disputes.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, let us know.