Outbound IPs

Last Updated November 2014

In some cases, it may be necessary to provide an outbound IP to another service. Pagoda Box is a dynamic and ever-expanding infrastructure and your app potentially exists across multiple servers. Because of this, requests from your app could originate many outbound IPs and those IPs could change at any time. In order to "whitelist" requests from Pagoda Box, you'll have to whitelist all of the CIDR subnets Pagoda Box IPs could come from. This doc provides a list of those subnets. After reading it, you'll be familiar with:

  • What CIDR subnets need to be whitelisted

Pagoda Box Outbound IPs

Apps on Pagoda Box are spread across multiple servers and app services are moved from server to server as we load balance our infrastructure. Because of this, requests originating from Pagoda Box can originate from any IP within the CIDR subnets Pagoda Box has access to. Below is the list of the Pagoda Box subnets:

Pagoda Box CIDR Subnets txt

Important Things to Know

This List Will Grow

Because Pagoda Box's infrastructure is constantly growing, more subnets will make their way onto this list. It is your repsonsibility to make sure your own whitelist is up date with this list.

With the Release of Dedicated Outbound IPs, This List Will No Longer Be Available

A feature we've had on our roadmap for a long time is dedicated outbound IPs. This will allow you to route all outbound requests from your app through a single outbound IP proxy. That way, you won't have to whitelist multiple subnets. Instead, you'll only have to whitelist your dedicated outbound IPs.

Once dedicated outbound IPs are made available, the list of Pagoda Box CIDR subnets will no longer be maintained or published.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, let us know.