Publishing a Quickstart

Last Updated October 2014

So you've coded a Quickstart and are ready to use it and/or share it with the world…and maybe even make some money off it? Awesome! It's easy. This doc will walk you through publishing your Quickstart. After reading it, you should be familiar with:

  • The Quickstart Publication Process
  • Configuring Quickstart details
  • The different ways to share your Quickstart

Creating Your Quickstart

To create a Quickstart, go to your App Dashboard and below your list of apps, click the "Quickstarts" button. This will load your list of Quickstarts.

Click the "New Quickstart" button. Provide a name for your Quickstart and click "Create and Edit". If you choose to make your Quickstart available in the App Cafe, this is the name by which it will be seen.

Quickstart Details

Once your Quickstart is created, there's required and optional information you can provide. Here's rundown of those details.

Name & Description

Name: Pretty self-explanitory. This is the name by which your Quickstart is known. It can be changed at any time.

Short Description: Shows up on the Quickstart List Page and Quickstart Search Results. It should be descriptive, short, and sweet. You only have 40 characters.

Long Description: Appears on your Quickstart Page. Feel free to make this description as long as it needs to be.


You can upload a custom avatar for your Quickstart. If none is provided, your user's avatar is used.


These allow you to link to resources that are related to your Quickstart. The four common urls are for your personal site, the project's site, a link to publicly viewable source code (ex. Github or Bitbucket), and any documentation related to your Quickstart. these are completely optional.

You can also add custom links to your Quickstart. Just click "New URL",provide a description and a link URL and save.


Public: Your Quickstart is visible to everyone and will appear in the public Quickstart List and search results.

Unlisted: Your Quickstart is only available to those who have a direct link to your project page. It will not appear in the public Quickstart List or search results.

Private: Your Quickstart is only available to you. By default, the visibility is set to private.


The Git URL is necessary for pushing your Quickstart code up to Pagoda Box. All Quickstart's are launched from repos housed on Pagoda Box. In order to launch a functional Quickstart, you must first push your code to your Quickstart's Git URL.

Delete Quickstart

This is self-explanitory. This is where you delete your quickstart. This action cannot be undone.

Push Your Code to Your Quickstart

Before you and others can launch functional apps from your Quickstart, you must first push your Quickstart's code to Pagoda Box. All Quickstart repos are housed and deployed from Quickstart repos on Pagoda Box. Every Quickstart has its own repo.

To push your code to your Quickstart's repo, you'll need your Quickstart's Git URL. Use your Git URL to add a remote to your local repo. The name of the remote is abitrary.

Adding a Git Remote Terminal

  # Pattern
  $ git add remote [remote-name] [git-url]
  # Example
  $ git add remote pb-quickstart

With your remote added, go ahead and push your code to your Quickstart remote.

Pushing to Your Quickstart Remote Terminal

  # Pattern
  $ git push [remote-name] master
  # Example
  $ git push pb-quickstart master

>Note that Pagoda Box only accpets pushes to the "master" branch. This doesn't mean that you can't develop on a branch other than "master." Just when you push to your Quickstart's remote, you have to push your local branch to your remote's master branch.

Pushing to Your Quickstart's Master Branch Terminal

  # Pattern
  $ git push [remote-name] [local-branch]:[remote-branch]
  # Example
  $ git push pb-quickstart develop:master

Once your code is pushed to your Quickstart's repo, it's ready to be launched.

Sharing Your Quickstart

We want to help you get the word out about your Quickstart, so we've baked in a couple of different ways to to share it.

Quickstart Project Page

Each Quickstart has it's own Project Page, viewable by Pagoda Box users and non-users alike (depending on your visibility settings). It's meant to act as a home for anyone who is interested in learning more about your Quickstart. Feel free to share it with the world.

Social Media Sharing

Each Quickstart Project Page includes the good ol' social media sharing buttons. Nothing too out of the ordinary here, but they do go a long way in helping get the word out.

Remember that you get a percentage of what's billed to apps launched from your Quickstart, so the more apps launched, the higher your earning potential.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, let us know.