Launching a Quickstart

Last Updated October 2014

Quickstarts are one-click installations that make launching fully-functional web applications quick and easy. This doc will walk through the different ways to launch a Quickstart as well as how to modify them after they've been launched. After reading it, you should be familiar with:

  • Launching a Quickstart
  • Managing and Modifying the code of an app once it's been launched

Launching a Quickstart

There's a few different ways to launch Quickstarts on Pagoda Box.

From the App Cafe

The App Cafe (Coming Soon) is the online marketplace for Pagoda Box Quickstarts. You can browse, search, buy and launch Quickstarts–all from the App Cafe.

While Creating a New App

While launching a new application on Pagoda Box, you have the option of using a Quickstart. You can choose any of the quickstarts you've created as well as any of the quickstarts available in the App Cafe.

Modifying a Quickstart

Once you've launched a Quickstart, it's likely that you will want to customize the codebase to meet your specific needs. Since Pagoda Box is a read-only environment, any changes to your codebase must be made locally and then pushed live. You can use Git to clone your app's repo to your local machine.

Pulling Your Code Using Git

To pull your application code down from Pagoda Box using Git, in terminal, navigate to where you would like to house your application directory. Use the Git Clone URL provided in your App Dashboard to clone your application onto your local desktop.

Make any necessary changes and push them back up to Pagoda Box. For more on how to manage your codebase using Git, check out the Git Basics doc or visit Git's official site.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, let us know.