Team Members, Ownership & User Permissions

Last Updated January 2016

For most web application development projects, collaboration is a must. The Pagoda Box collaboration system allows you to easily collaborate with other developers and team members on your project. There are three different collaborative roles — Owners, Managers, and Collaborators — each with their own set of permitted actions. After reading this doc, you will understand:

  • How to add a team member to your application
  • How to assign a user role to a team member
  • The allowed actions for each collaborative role

Video Overview

Adding a Team Member

To add a team member, go to the Admin tab in your app dashboard and click on "Team Members" in the left nav. Then click the “Add New Team Member”.

To add somebody as a team member, they must already have an account on Pagoda Box. Just enter in the email address tied to their user account, select their collaborative role, and click save.

Removing Team Members

If your user role allows, you can remove team members from your app.

Removing Other Team Members

Under Admin > Team Members, click the "X" next to the user you'd like to remove.

Removing Yourself from an App

To remove your self from an app, go to Admin > Team Members. Under "Manage Membership," click the "Remove yourself from this App" button.

Restrictions on Removing Yourself from an App

You can not remove yourself from an app under the following conditions:

- You are the only team member with the "Owner" user role.
- Your credit card is being used to pay for the app.

User Roles

There are 3 possible roles to which a team member can be assigned: Owner, Manager, or Developer. To assign a user role to a team member, simply select the appropriate role from the dropdown next to the user in the list of team members, and click save.


Below is a table showing what tasks each collaborative role has access to.

Code Management Owner Manager Developer
Push & Pull Code
Deploy & Roll Back
App Management Owner Manager Developer
Add & Remove Services
Add & Remove Env. Vars.
Add & Remove Cron Jobs
Enable Service SSH Portals
SSH into Services
Configure Mail Settings
Change App Timezone
Add & Remove DNS Aliases
Add Billable Items
SSL, Dedicated IPs, etc.
Scale Services
Change the App Name
Delete App
Billing Owner Manager Developer
Manage App Credit Cards
Collaboration Owner Manager Developer
Add Owners
Remove Owners More Info Below
Add Managers
Remove Managers
Add Developers
Remove Developers

Removing Owners

Application owners can add other owners, but can not remove them. Owners can only remove themselves. Owners are only able to remove themselves if there are other owners and the Credit Card used on the app is not their own.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, let us know.