Tinker & Production Apps

Last Updated October 2014

Most developers have pet project they simply want to tinker with on Pagoda Box. This is where tinker and production apps come in handy. This doc walks through differences between the two and outlines what functionality is available to each. After reading it, you should be familiar with:

  • The difference between Tinker and Production apps
  • What functionality is available to Tinker and Production apps
  • Getting your dev on an loving it

Tinker Apps

Tinker apps are exactly what they sound like — apps meant for playing around, trying something out, or just getting to know Pagoda Box. They're totally free, giving you a sandbox with no paid commitment and no expiration. They do not, however, have access to all functionality available on Pagoda Box. A detailed comparison of what functionality is available to tinker and production apps is available below. There are also key things you should know about tinker apps.

Tinker Apps Go to Sleep When Idle

Whenever you're not "tinkering" with a tinker app, it will "go to sleep" — all services gracefully shut down and will not respond to any requests. "Tinkering" consists of any action that changes an app, including things like deploys, changing an app's name, etc. Once you start tinkering again, all services wake back up and the app functions normally. Tinker apps can also be woken up from their dev-URL (app-name.gopagoda.io) by clicking "Wake Up". Only authorized collaborators can wake Tinker apps up.

Tinker Apps Not Woken Up for 30 Days Are Removed

Tinker apps that are not woken up for 30 days are considered inactive are automatically removed from Pagoda Box.

Limited to One of Each Service Type

Tinker apps are limited to one of each unique service type. For example: one PHP web, one MongoDB database, one MySQL database, etc.

Every User Gets Three Tinker Apps

Every user can use up to three tinker apps at a time. Any time a tinker app is deleted or moved into production, it frees up a spot for another tinker app to be created.

Production Apps

Production Apps are paid apps with access to all functionality available on Pagoda Box. These apps are always available and never go to sleep.

Functionality Available to Tinker and Production Apps

The table below shows functionality available to tinker and production apps.

Code Management Tinker Production
Push & Pull Code
Deploy & Roll Back
App Management Tinker Production
Add & Remove Services
Add & Remove Env. Vars.
Add & Remove Cron Jobs
Enable SSH Portals
Configure Mail Settings
Change App Timezone
Add & Remove DNS Aliases
Use the Pagoda Box Piggyback SSL
Add Billable Items
SSL, Dedicated IPs, etc.
Scale Services
Change the App Name
Collaboration Tinker Production
Add & Remove Owners
Add & Remove Managers
Add & Remove Collaborators

Specifying Tinker or Production

Specifying whether an app is a tinker or production app happens during the app creation process.

Dashboard App Creation

In the process of launching an app through the dashboard, you specify whether the new app should be created as a tinker app or a production app.

Pagoda CLI App Creation

When creating an app from the Pagoda CLI, you can pass the tinker flag (-t or --tinker). If the tinker flag isn't passed, the app will be created as a production app.

Creating an App from the CLI Terminal

  $ pagoda create -t 
  ## OR ##
  $ pagoda create --tinker

Moving a Tinker App Into Production

There are two different ways to move a tinker app into production:

  1. Any time you try to use functionality available only to production apps, you will be given the option to move your tinker app into production.

  2. Go to Admin > Upgrade App in your app dashboard and select the "Production" option.

Production Apps Cannot Be Switched to Tinker Apps

Tinker apps can be moved into production, but once that change is made, it's permanent. Production apps cannot be switched to tinker apps.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, let us know.